Columbus Embroidery Supply, Inc. has grown in a few years to become one of the largest suppliers of custom design programming in the United States. We have accomplished this by establishing and maintaining relationships which always satisfy our customers' needs. Our staff of programmers and customer service representatives are unmatched in the industry for their experience and professionalism.

Until you handle all of your digitizing in house, we are your best choice for this most critical aspect of your business. Columbus Embroidery Supply is a full service digitizer providing:
  • Free same day quotes
  • Free art proofs
  • 24 hour fax (1-812-273-8811)
  • Stock Designs
  • Toll Free number (1-800-466-8820)
  • E-Mail (


We specialize in embroidery digitizing and also offer a select line of stock designs. We guarantee our programming, as well as the confidential nature of our business partnership.
With our veteran programmers you can be confident your product is the best it can be! Our art and customer service staff make sure full attention is given to the quality and accuracy of your designs.
Our current customers range from large, nationally recognized manufacturers, to the small but growing family business. We like to feel we are one of the factors contributing to the growth of these companies and look forward to the opportunity of positively impacting your growth through higher quality service and digitizing!
Our goal is to deliver your designs to you in as professional a manner as possible, paying particular attention to quality, quick turn around, and trouble free sewing. Our staff has won a variety of awards over the years and it is this skill and attention to detail that we apply to all your designs.
We hope you will come to think of us as a part of your business, as that is how we think of ourselves.

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